TEI creates a collection of parenting stress and resilience literature

The Tribal Evaluation Institute (TEI) compiled published articles (n=33) related to parenting stress and resilience from peer-reviewed journals for Tribal Home Visiting grantees. Implementation and Expansion Grantees (Cohort 2) can use this literature to inform rigorous local program evaluations focused on these topics. The articles summarized in the collection are specific to parenting stress and/or resilience in the context of home visiting or among American Indian and Alaska Native communities. This Excel resource identifies the following information for each included article (as applicable) –

  • Purpose of the paper
  • Relevant definitions
  • Main findings/conclusions
  • Research/evaluation question(s)
  • Target population
  • Study design
  • Intervention
  • Relevant measures/tools
  • Link to the article

You can download the Excel resource here.