Tribal Home Visiting Program grantees have rigorous and culturally appropriate evaluations that reflect community interests and contribute to the broader evidence base on home visiting in tribal communities. The Tribal Evaluation Institute helps grantees to collect and review outcome data related to child development, parental stress, cultural connectedness, family retention and engagement, and traditional parenting practices. Our goal is to work collaboratively with grantees to evaluate how home visiting can improve outcomes in tribal communities.

Needs and Readiness Assessment Resources

TEI developed five resources to support Tribal Home Visiting Program grantees in conducting their community needs and readiness assessments. The primary audiences for these resources include program leadership and evaluation/data staff that are responsible for designing and implementing needs and readiness assessments to inform program design and decision-making.

Rigorous Evaluation in Tribal Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting: A Series of Briefs

TEI developed five evaluation briefs to share the story of the Tribal Home Visiting grantees’ rigorous evaluations and provide recommendations for those who oversee evaluations with tribal communities or are seeking to support evaluations with tribal populations. The primary audience for this series of briefs is federal program staff and leadership who work with tribes or tribal organizations or manage tribally focused grant programs. Each brief concludes with takeaways for program staff and leadership. The information presented may also be of interest to policy makers, researchers, and academics working in the broader human services field.

Additional Resources