Tribal Home Visiting Dissemination Toolkit


The Tribal Home Visiting Dissemination Toolkit is a set of tools designed to support Tribal Home Visiting Program grantees in disseminating information about their programs. Grantees may use these tools to share program findings, lessons learned, and success stories with their communities and other interested stakeholders. The toolkit also provides grantees with style guides and talking points to facilitate effective communication when conversing with different target audiences.


The goals of the dissemination toolkit are–

  • To strengthen Tribal Home Visiting Program grantees’ ability to raise awareness of their programs
  • To ensure that multiple audiences understand what has been accomplished by grantees
  • To influence the field surrounding evidence-based interventions targeting Native populations
  • To share information that may be useful for policy and program purposes


Examples of tools featured in the dissemination toolkit include are below.

Presentation Template – Evaluation

A template you can use to communicate about your evaluation plan, process, and findings - (PowerPoint, 205kb)

Presentation Template on Performance Measurement

A template you can use to share what you’ve learned through your performance measurement (benchmarks) process. - (PowerPoint, 185kb)

Program Pitch Template

Template that can help you communicate a clear and concise message about your program to multiple audiences - (PDF, 190kb)

Engaging Media

A document to support your team in developing and executing an effective strategy for engaging media (PDF, 660KB)

Social Media Guide

A document you can use to strategically and successfully incorporate social media into your program’s dissemination efforts (PDF, 2.38MB)

Digital Story Creation

A document that introduces digital storytelling as a compelling and emotionally engaging way to share program successes (PDF, 425KB)

Using Dissemination To Reach Families and Professionals in Your Community

This document can support your program recruitment efforts by providing a strategy for thinking about how to share information about your program with providers and families throughout your community (PDF, 548KB).