Number 4

Module 4: Displaying and Reporting Data

Access tools for creating and refining data dashboards to monitor services and prepare reports for funders. Tools marked with an * below can be modified.


Module Introduction

This text provides basic information about data dashboards and describes tools found within the module.

4.1 Data Reporting Map*

Use this tool to determine where data points are pulled from in existing reports and how calculations are made. Programs may find it useful to enlist addition support from a technical assistance provider or other consultant. (Template)

4.2 Understanding System Integration

This guide describes different types of system integration and provides an overview of the planning process. (Guide)

4.3: Guide to Data Dashboards

This guide serves as an introduction to tool 4.4. It lists common dashboard elements and considerations for customizing dashboard data. (Guide)

4.4 Example of a Data Dashboard

This sample dashboard presents a “real-world” example of concepts outlined in tool 4.3. (Example)