Number 3

Module 3: Protecting Data Ownership and Privacy

Get up to speed on managing and protecting data—and how to address these issues with systems vendors and developers. Tools marked with an * below can be modified.


Module Introduction

This text details two steps for owning and protecting client information and lists tools found within the module.

3.1 Understanding Data Ownership

This guide describes core elements of data ownership, including the use of ownership agreements and governance planning. Use with tool 3.2 (Guide)

3.2 Example of Data Ownership Contract Language*

Structured around the core elements outlined in tool 3.1, this document provides sample contract language for data ownership agreements. (Example)

3.3 Guide to Data Privacy and Confidentiality

Read this guide to better understand what data to protect, what regulations to comply with, and how to work with system vendors to ensure privacy. (Guide)

3.4 Considerations for Cloud Versus On-Premise Software and Storage

This tool explains the differences between cloud-based and on-the-premises storage and software options in areas such as cost, system function, ownership, and security. (Guide)