Number 2

Module 2: Documenting and Improving Data System Processes

Consistency is key when improving data systems and documenting related processes. Learn how to streamline data entry, quality, and storage. Tools marked with an * below can be modified.


Module Introduction

This text outlines three steps for strengthening data system processes and describes tools found within the module.

2.1 Guide to Data Mapping

This short guide includes a step-by-step overview of data mapping. Review it, along with tool 2.2, before working with a vendor to map your data system. (Guide)

2.2 Data Map Template*

Once you’ve read tool 2.1, use this customizable template to create a visual map of the data in your system. (Template)

2.3 Guide to Data Cleaning

This document provides a brief overview of data cleaning, including specific tasks for program staff, supervisors, and managers to complete before and during data reporting. (Guide)

2.4 Example of a Case File Checklist*

Supervisors can use this customizable checklist when reviewing case files to see if assessments were performed completely and on time. Use with tool 2.5. (Example and Template)

2.5 Example of a Missing Data Report*

This customizable template features a sample missing data report to help programs summarize results from their case file reviews. (Example and Template)

2.6 Data System Business Process Maps*

Process maps help users better document data collection and entry related to intake, service provision, and reporting. They can be customized with the help of a technical assistance provider. (Example and Template)

2.7 Best Practices When Converting to a Paperless Data System

This brief guide presents best practices and common challenges when moving from a paper-based data collection and entry system to a paperless system that uses laptops or tablets. (Guide)