TEI Contributes to Special Issue of the Infant Mental Health Journal

Staff from the Tribal Evaluation Institute (TEI) project worked closely with Tribal Home Visiting grantees, ACF, and the Tribal Early Childhood Research Center (TRC) to contribute to five articles in the May/June 2018 volume of the Infant Mental Health Journal titled, “New Directions in Infant and Early Childhood Home Visiting: Lessons Learned from the Tribal Maternal, Infant, and Early Childhood Home Visiting Program.” The published articles include:

  • Building evaluation partnerships with tribal communities for home visiting (Ayoub, et al.)
  • Methodological considerations for home-visiting research in tribal communities (Kilburn, et al.)
  • Performance measurement in Tribal Home Visiting: Challenges and opportunities (Morales, et al.)
  • Measurement issues in home visiting research within tribal communities: Challenges and strategies (Rumbaugh Whitesell, et al.)
  • Approaches to the evaluation of cultural adaptations of home visiting in tribal communities (Meyer, et al.)

This journal issue represents the first time tribal home visiting efforts were the focus of a special issue.