Introducing the Data System Improvement Toolkit!

The Tribal Evaluation Institute (TEI) is pleased to announce the release of our Data System Improvement Toolkit! This resource is designed for tribal programs planning to develop or improve their data systems. Program and evaluation staff who have experience with and oversee changes to their existing data systems will find this toolkit informative and helpful.

The Data System Improvement Toolkit includes five modules.

Module 1: Choosing a System and Working with a Vendor or Developer

Module 2: Documenting and Improving Data System Processes

Module 3: Protecting Data Ownership and Privacy

Module 4: Displaying and Reporting Data

Module 5: Optimizing Your Current Data System
The full toolkit is available as a PDF file or access individual modules to download modifiable versions of the tools. Some readers will find that one module or even one tool can address their needs. Others may find it helpful to access each module in the order they are presented. For many, the right approach lies somewhere in between.

The TEI team is available to provide technical assistance for this toolkit and other data system needs. Please contact Erin Geary at 218-464-1260 or